True Rest® is a guided meditation rooted in the belief that a life of true peace, love and happiness is possible for all. True Rest® is a time of self-care and exploration that invites us to be still and rest in the simple knowing of our own being. As we open to the flow of experience as it naturally unfolds and the body-mind is guided into a deeply restorative state of relaxation, a profound release of layers of accumulated physical, mental and emotional tension is facilitated. In this openness, we are naturally receptive to the insight and creativity of our innate love and intelligence and true healing is possible. No prior experience of meditation is required.

Regular practitioners of True Rest® report that it can help:

· Ease stress & anxiety
· Relieve sleep related problems
· Improve relationships
· Boost energy levels
· Build confidence
· Promote a sense of peace & wellbeing
· Decrease negative habits & reactivity

True Rest® is an invitation to be still and rediscover your inherent wisdom, ease of being, freedom from fear and oneness with all of life. You are welcome to stay and rest awhile…